User Experience for Project Managers

User Experience for Project Managers or UX-PM is a new aspect of the project management, which emphasizes effective management of a specific kind of new projects in the domain of digital transformation, and particularly geared towards the final customer’s user experience. Project managers who work on this kind of projects need to master a very specific methodology and understand the use of various tools and techniques that facilitate the communication around the UX.

User Experience (or UX) is defined as a collection of person’s emotions and attitudes with regards to using a particular product, system or a service, and as such is a critical success factor of web and digital projects, since human-computer interaction is increasingly getting in the center of all modern IT activities.

I had chance recently to work with
Florian Egger from Telono company on the presentation to PMI community on this methodology. And I have learned about some practical models, which could be extremely valuable for project managers working on projects with high user experience significance: Double Diamond technique with Discover-Define-Develop-Deliver project phases, maturity model for evaluation of the current state of UX maturity of an organization, and also the UX-PM certification program. For those interested in more details, this program is designed with three levels of seniority and is currently available in 6 global certification centers, one of which is in Geneva.



Sasha Lazarevic
January 2016
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