AI for Digital Marketing

Last November I was invited to give a course on Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing at EBS school in Geneva. EBS stands for European Business School that was created jointly with CREA, which is specialised in digital communications and digital marketing. EBS runs bachelor’s and master’s degrees in digital business, which are nowadays quite relevant. AI for digital business is also very much relevant, as marketeers all over the world are usually among the first to adopt new technologies and new gadgets.

So, how can one leverage artificial intelligence in digital marketing ? I assume that readers know already the theory of artificial intelligence and main approaches (state-based algorithms, machine learning, deep learning), so I will not talk about the ML training process, cost functions, gradient descent, kernels, neural networks and other techniques. I will start with explaining the difference among very similar expressions used around artificial intelligence, then I will describe high-value use cases, and in the end how to successfully implement all this, so that your project flies like a rocket. So, I will stay with high-level and business-relevant explanations.

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Rydberg Qubits

A friend of mine shared a link recently in LinkedIn of the news about QuEra’s 256-qubit quantum computer and this attracted my attention. It is true that nowadays we mostly follow the progress of superconducting qubits, trapped ions or photonic systems, so cold atoms is not something I was familiar about. But this technology made some promising advances, and reading a couple of research papers was enough to realize that cold atoms have some compelling advantages.

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