ChinaIT: Infocore (信核数据)

2014, September 7

Storage virtualization is not a new concept, but in the light of disaster recovery requirements, cloud computing and big data, it is still a hot topic. Storage virtualization allows your applications to see data being stored on a logical volume, while the configuration and location of the physical storage resources are unknown to you and completely irrelevant. This allows transparency in moving the data from one location to another, uninterupted service delivery during infrastructure migrations and increased data protection during disasters.

Storage virtualization controller is a device that is actually doing the whole work : mapping the underlying disk systems with logical volumes, replicating data to your secondary data center, providing data snapshots for the database backups, deciding and automatically moving data to the faster flash-based SSD disks if they are frequently accessed, etc. This is a very sophisticated piece of equipment that has to perform flawlessly, since all applications and business processes depend on the underlying data.

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