Quantum Computing Master Class

On January 31, I was instructor at the Quantum Master Class at IBM Studio in Zürich.

I coded in Qiskit (IBM’s Python SDK for quantum information science) and demonstrated how different Bell states can be implemented in jupyter notebook, how one can code the entanglement of three qubits, how to develop of the quantum circuit for bit addition, and the logic behind Deutsch’s algorithm with its implementation in Qiskit.

Dr Ingolf Wittmann, Head of IBM Quantum Europe opened the day with presentation about IBM breakthroughs in this industry and our quantum strategy, and Dr Roman Malina, Leading quantum consultant for manufacturing industry presented IBM Quantum Experience (environment open to everyone for experimentations on a real quantum computer), quantum gates and theory behind the qubit rotations.

We had 30 participants, mostly scientists, engineers, students and developers. Big thanks to Pascal Allot and Youri Böhler for the excellent organization.

You may check my notebook and hand-written notes from the class:

February 7, 2019
Sasha Lazarevic

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