Introduction to Deep Learning

As I have done this presentation already several times and got a good feedback, I’m posting here the slides and some useful links that allowed me to learn and understand DL better.

And some of the great resources I’d like to share

IBM Watson platform:

How to run your own .py file in WML

How to run your own scripts in WML using watson-machine-learning-client…..

How to augment WCS-based chatbot with off topic chat based on RNN

Watson Beat

Watson Beat article on Medium

Yolo Darkflow

Understanding LSTM Networks

Deep Learning for NLP Best Practices

Stanford Lectures Collection – NLP with Deep Learning 2017

Deep Learning Specialization (available also in Coursera) and Blockchain with Deep Learning

And many others that you will find online, which I didn’t mention..

Sasha Lazarevic
July 2018

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